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Photographs: David Straight Masu has serious pedigree. Chef Nik Watt is a master of the grill has cooked in robata all over the world. SkyCity spent many millions on the fitout. Nick Achison, formerly of The French Cafe, is the maître d. It bills itself as a robata – a Japanese grill – only it’s […]


Photographs: David Straight The Engine Room has always been brilliant. Now it’s better. It opened eight years ago in a 1930s post office and when it did it caused a sea change in Auckland dining – you could have some of the best eating in town, but it didn’t need to be somewhere posh: you […]


Photographs: David Straight  We need more restaurants like this. Two years ago, Dariush Lolaiy and Rebecca Smidt – son and daughter-in-law of original owners Tony and Barbara – bought Cazador from the family and set about making it their own. We always had a soft spot for the place, which started in 1987, but boy do […]


Photographs: David Straight Orphans Kitchen is the kind of place that opens and you like it so much it induces a mild anxiety: if this wasn’t here, where would I eat? It’s owned by two nice young fellows – Josh Helm and Tom Hishon – who bought the late, great Ella Cafe a few months […]


[Photographs: David Straight] Some restaurants take a while to come of age. We like that. After a stint cooking at The Grove, Sid Sahrawat opened up here in 2009, in possibly the most unprepossessing location in Auckland: up a flight of stairs in the Alhambra Arcade in Three Lamps. We like this too. You walk […]