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  Photographs: David Straight Chef Rasa Sayang isn’t much more than a small hole in the wall in the Highbury shops – it’s next door to the highly excellent Yummy Korean. It has a big front window and a handful of tables and comfortable blue chairs. So far, so familiar, in this sleepy suburban shopping […]


[Photographs: David Straight] Auckland has needed a Chinese restaurant that doesn’t have fluorescent lighting for a long time – so when the Blue Breeze Inn opened, we were hopeful. The fitout is fabulous, China by way of a tropical resort, lots of dark timber and colourful prints and mad lighting and bold tiling in the […]


[Photographs: David Straight] There are times – a rainy Tuesday, say, or maybe Friday – when nothing but Malaysian hawker food will do. And when that happens, we head straight to Laksa House in the Newmarket Plaza Food Court. The environs are nothing special: it’s in a narrow covered street under the Rialto carpark affectionately known […]


[Photographs: David Straight] Such a prosaic name: such wondrous food. Xi’an is down the bottom of Anzac Avenue. It is small and plain, and about the only defining feature is the hilariously 80s ordering system, which involves pushing numbers into something that looks like an early eftpos terminal. It’s food from Xi’an, the province (better […]


[Photographs: David Straight] A very long time ago, I came to look at what is now My Kitchen, back when it was a dirgy flat above a shop. It looks much better now, slightly mod and very clean. We like the white walls, the red vinyl seats, the timber. We also like the terrific sign […]