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We weren’t very happy when Jimmy “the Fish” Gerard shut up shop in Ponsonby late last year: his Lion Red beer batter and gruff demeanour were the perfect antidote to Ponsonby Central’s hipster surrounds. So we rejoiced when he popped up in the back corner of the Grey Lynn Returned Services Club. There are families with kids, guys playing pool, men […]


[Photographs by David Straight] There’s something quite appealing about cooking your own dinner, particularly when you get to do it while sitting on a red throne. Faro is a traditional Korean BBQ restaurant, huge and mostly empty. It shouldn’t be. There’s a small barbecue in the middle of the table, and an extractor tube that whisks […]


[Photographs: David Straight] We go to the Golden Dawn quite often: in fact, it’s probably our favourite bar in Auckland. Sometimes, in the early evening – gosh, late at night too – we visit to eat, rather than drink. The menu, seasonal and simple, runs from bread and butter ($5) to a sticky lamb neck […]


[Pictures: David Straight] We’ve since reviewed Cazador again – see here for the new review. Vegetarians need not apply. Cazador’s Iranian-born owner Tony Lolaiy is a keen hunter, so the restaurant is festooned with the taxidermied animals he’s caught over the years. There are a couple of deer heads in the front room, a few trout; […]


[Pictures: David Straight] We’ve been waiting for this for a very long time. We gave up on Thai in Auckland, sick of canned bamboo shoots, crinkle-cut carrots and watery curries with too much sugar. Then we went to Moochowchow, which opened in April in a big villa up the top of Ponsonby Road that used […]