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Photographs: David Straight Parnell has needed this for a very long time, but then so has Auckland. Woodpecker Hill is the fourth restaurant from Mark Wallbank and Che Barrington, who also have MooChowChow, Blue Breeze Inn and Chop Chop. With Woodpecker, they’ve taken those Asian flavours and combined them with – get this – American-style […]


Photographs: David Straight Finally. Two years on, there is somewhere to eat at North Wharf. It has pedigree: owner Michael Dearth made a name at The Grove for careful, considered dining in a private, bricky space. With Baduzzi, he’s done something else entirely – baduzzi means “meatballs” in the Sicilian dialect. Yes: this is a posh […]


[Pictures: David Straight] One of the really good things about Auckland is that you can drive for half an hour out into the countryside, sit in a decent restaurant and drink some decent wine. Now, we have a new favourite place to do this. The Tasting Shed opened late last year in a beautifully converted […]


[Pictures: David Straight] The Grove is a long, still room in the middle of the CBD: white-painted brick walls, timber floors, leather panelling and gentle art and pot plants. In a city that’s suddenly full of high-design restaurants, it’s a welcome respite. It is one of those restaurants that no longer needs to try very […]


[Pictures: David Straight] Prego is dependable. An old faithful. Where shall we go for dinner, you ask. Where do you take someone for a business lunch, or your parents, or an acquaintance you’ve yet to gauge? Prego. While its decor is reminiscent of something slightly more suburban, the food is well, dependable. Dependably good. The pizzas […]