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[Pictures: David Straight] James makes Auckland feel like a bigger city than it really is. It’s in a bunker-style building, a concrete block that was once a steel mill at the bottom of Parnell rise, flanked by advertising agencies. Inside, the world outside disappears, and you’re ensconced in a stark space, moodily lit and softened […]


[Pictures: David Straight] The dahi puri! The dahi puri! This is why people come to Satya. Well, partly. They’re an addictive appetiser, a bland ball of mashed potato and chickpea atop a crisp chickpea cracker, doused in yoghurt, tamarind chutney and fresh coriander. They’re really good, and sometimes you can eat an entire plate ($8.95 for […]


[Pictures: David Straight] Prego is dependable. An old faithful. Where shall we go for dinner, you ask. Where do you take someone for a business lunch, or your parents, or an acquaintance you’ve yet to gauge? Prego. While its decor is reminiscent of something slightly more suburban, the food is well, dependable. Dependably good. The pizzas […]


[Pictures: Todd Eyre] Sunday Painters is a wee bit raucous and slightly slapdash, but it really works. The staff seem to know everyone; the place is full of middle-aged ladies hooting over bottles of red wine. Reportedly, the owners got together after talking about opening a restaurant for years at their Sunday painting group and […]


It’s all very jolly, like a cartoon of French cuisine. The blackboard on the footpath has loopy handwriting regaling a list of traditional bistro stalwarts – crepes, of course, a boeuf bourgignon, bottles of cider, French onion soup, a green salad. Torchon is the sister to La Cantine du Torchon in Ponsonby and (the much […]