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Photographs: David Straight The air, those mountains, the pinot noir. In summer it is baking hot and in winter it is deathly cold and there is a wind that comes off the lake. Yet until recently, it lacked, ever so slightly, in the eating department. Oh sure, pinot noir goes with anything – believe us on […]


Photograph: Matt Choi Crane Brothers has sponsored Eat Here Now for a little over two years now, a partnership that was resolved over a plate of oysters. Murray Crane makes beautiful suits, but he also really likes food – and more importantly, he knows his stuff. So when he went to Paris on one of his annual […]


[Photographs: Simon Farrell-Green] We’ve been lucky enough to visit Shanghai twice in the past year, both times in summer when the city is soupy with humidity and heat, and it takes all of your will to not go running into the sanctuary of an air-conditioned mall to buy a clean shirt. Mainly, we go to […]


[Pictures: Simon Farrell-Green] We remember visiting Oamaru nearly a decade ago. Back then, despite that stunning main street – colonnaded limestone buildings completely out of proportion with the size of the town – there really was nowhere to eat. But things have changed: it’s now one of the finest places to eat in the South […]