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    Photographs: David Straight There are many reasons to go to Panmure: the lagoon, that great sign on the awful roundabout, and increasingly, some brilliant ethnic food. There’s the joint serving some of the best Peking duck in town, and there’s the Sri Lankan supermarket but – most importantly – there is the splendidly […]


[Photographs: David Straight] Further evidence of life in Newmarket. For years, we never ate here and then, a few months ago, we started coming over more and more – there’s Basque Kitchen of course, and then friends introduced us to Ile de France. From the outside, it looks like one of those classically clichéd French […]


[Photographs by David Straight] There’s something quite appealing about cooking your own dinner, particularly when you get to do it while sitting on a red throne. Faro is a traditional Korean BBQ restaurant, huge and mostly empty. It shouldn’t be. There’s a small barbecue in the middle of the table, and an extractor tube that whisks […]


[Photographs: David Straight] This is the kind of place you might not know about until you’ve lived in Auckland for a few years. It’s in a pretty old villa and it looks like the kind of “Chinese” restaurant that you went to in the 16980s, and which just happens to serve the best Peking duck […]


[Pictures: David Straight] We’ve since reviewed Cazador again – see here for the new review. Vegetarians need not apply. Cazador’s Iranian-born owner Tony Lolaiy is a keen hunter, so the restaurant is festooned with the taxidermied animals he’s caught over the years. There are a couple of deer heads in the front room, a few trout; […]