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Category Archives: North Shore


  Photographs: David Straight Chef Rasa Sayang isn’t much more than a small hole in the wall in the Highbury shops – it’s next door to the highly excellent Yummy Korean. It has a big front window and a handful of tables and comfortable blue chairs. So far, so familiar, in this sleepy suburban shopping […]


Photographs: David Straight The Engine Room has always been brilliant. Now it’s better. It opened eight years ago in a 1930s post office and when it did it caused a sea change in Auckland dining – you could have some of the best eating in town, but it didn’t need to be somewhere posh: you […]


  Photographs: David Straight Wairau Valley, that great unexplored expanse of big box retail, hides who knows how many local ethnic eateries. Such grim environs, yet so much food to eat. Like Haroobang, which you’ll find in a strip mall off Link Drive, in the same complex as the wondrous Queen Chef. There is always, needless to […]


[Photographs: David Straight] Queen Chef isn’t much more than a kitchen down the back of a Korean supermarket in the Wairau Valley, which is quickly revealing itself to be one of the great unexplored places to eat in Auckland. You’ll find it up a long driveway, wedged between big box retail selling curtains and lighting […]


[Photographs: David Straight] Sometimes, the Jiale Bun Shop is so busy there isn’t time to clear the tables. The door opens and closes constantly, and there is almost always a couple of people in front of you ordering. It is shady, and it has a steamy smell. Sometimes, there is intense discussion in Chinese. For […]