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Photographs: David Straight Masu has serious pedigree. Chef Nik Watt is a master of the grill has cooked in robata all over the world. SkyCity spent many millions on the fitout. Nick Achison, formerly of The French Cafe, is the maître d. It bills itself as a robata – a Japanese grill – only it’s […]


[Photographs: David Straight] The rain starts falling and we find ourselves drawn to this little shop on a windswept stretch of Symonds Street. We go there in summer and it is good then too, but there is something about this joint that just suits the winter. Part surf shack, part fish restaurant – “sakanaya” actually […]


  [Photographs: David Straight] The food is nothing short of extraordinary, wave upon wave of it, coming out in tiny servings and brought to you by deferential waiters wearing white gloves. The place is tiny and dark, though the outside is completely white, and there are large booths so you can’t hear anyone else’s conversation. […]


[Photographs: David Straight] Some nights, and the odd lunchtime too, we just want to eat ramen. We want a big bowl of noodles where the stock is slightly too hot and burns your mouth, and we want a piece of roast pork and noodles that are still just slightly firm. When we want this, we […]


[Pictures by David Straight] You will not find Kewpie mayonnaise or Karaage chicken on the menu at Sake Bar 601. The menu is as clean and light as the décor – whitewashed walls, wooden floors. This is an airy, relaxed space, as good for weekday lunches as it is for an easy dinner. Recently, we […]