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Category Archives: Inner West


Photographs: David Straight Burger Burger is very small and very narrow and very loud: we like to sit at the bar overlooking the kitchen. The service has attitude, just enough. The burgers are $10 and extras – lettuce, cheese, bacon, etc – are $2, the sides are $6, and they cook the patties medium-rare. The […]


   Photographs: David Straight We’ve been waiting for someone to do this. Auckland has a plethora of noodle shops of many hues and the food is good, sure – but until now, no one has taken that food and put it somewhere fun. Now, the folks behind the Blue Breeze Inn and Moo Chow Chow […]


Photographs: David Straight There’s something nice about a place that opens as one thing, turns into something else and then finally becomes something else again: Conch started as a record store and then it started selling coffee. Now, it has a “kitchen and bar” out the back of the shop. You feel like you’re in […]


Photographs: David Straight The only thing we were going to suggest at The Lucky Taco was that it would be nice to have somewhere to sit. Then, we read they’d bought some plastic stools and so we can happily announce: The Lucky Taco is basically perfect. You’ll know of Otis Frizzell, of course – the […]


Photographs: David Straight Orphans Kitchen is the kind of place that opens and you like it so much it induces a mild anxiety: if this wasn’t here, where would I eat? It’s owned by two nice young fellows – Josh Helm and Tom Hishon – who bought the late, great Ella Cafe a few months […]