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  [Photographs: David Straight] The food is nothing short of extraordinary, wave upon wave of it, coming out in tiny servings and brought to you by deferential waiters wearing white gloves. The place is tiny and dark, though the outside is completely white, and there are large booths so you can’t hear anyone else’s conversation. […]


[Photographs: David Straight] Some restaurants take a while to come of age. We like that. After a stint cooking at The Grove, Sid Sahrawat opened up here in 2009, in possibly the most unprepossessing location in Auckland: up a flight of stairs in the Alhambra Arcade in Three Lamps. We like this too. You walk […]


[Photographs: David Straight] This may be the best cooking in Auckland right now. Michael Meredith was rightly celebrated at The Grove, before he left to start Meredith’s five or so years ago. It is a small, hushed space in three small rooms in a no man’s land on Dominion road. The front windows are frosted […]


[Pictures: David Straight] The Grove is a long, still room in the middle of the CBD: white-painted brick walls, timber floors, leather panelling and gentle art and pot plants. In a city that’s suddenly full of high-design restaurants, it’s a welcome respite. It is one of those restaurants that no longer needs to try very […]


[Pictures: David Straight] Clooney is in a nondescript warehouse on an otherwise deserted block. You enter up a concrete flight of stairs that leads you to a dark, glamorous space. You go through the restaurant, all concrete walls, black beaded curtains and tan leather. It is still the most glamorous restaurant in town. In its […]