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Photographs: David Straight It says a lot that this is only the second review of a Thai restaurant we’ve published on EHN, and the first cheapie. Quite why it took so long to find this place is beyond us, except to say we’d just given up on good Thai in Auckland. Too sweet, too thin, […]


Photographs: David Straight Here’s a tip: get to Mamak early or go late. The tiny shopfront in the Chancery has a handful of tables inside and a handful of tables outside and it’s almost always full. It’s smart – white walls, dark wooden tables and Malaysian phrases written on the wall in bright green; the […]


[Photographs: David Straight] Breakfast, lunch, dinner – it doesn’t matter which you go to at Ortolana, because it’s all brilliant and so we find ourselves there at odd times in search of early breakfast or late lunch. It opens at 7am and closes at 11pm and so you will never be told that the kitchen […]


[Photographs: David Straight] Such a prosaic name: such wondrous food. Xi’an is down the bottom of Anzac Avenue. It is small and plain, and about the only defining feature is the hilariously 80s ordering system, which involves pushing numbers into something that looks like an early eftpos terminal. It’s food from Xi’an, the province (better […]


[Photographs by David Straight] There’s something quite appealing about cooking your own dinner, particularly when you get to do it while sitting on a red throne. Faro is a traditional Korean BBQ restaurant, huge and mostly empty. It shouldn’t be. There’s a small barbecue in the middle of the table, and an extractor tube that whisks […]