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Eat Here Now is a great platform to advertise to a food-obsessed audience. Our readers are enthusiastic eaters and drinkers who are largely based in Auckland, though we do have significant traffic from Australia, America and Europe. Our readers are smart, well-educated – and have big appetites. They love that EHN is committed to authenticity, beautiful images and taut reviewing.

EHN is now actively looking for partners and supporters who understand what we do. We’ve had some very productive relationships with advertising partners – including Crane Brothers, who have generously supported the site since 2012 – and you’ll find us creative in our approach and excited about how we can add value to the relationship. We have some beautiful content and we love sharing it with the people who support us: we also have an active events programme and a significant following on social media as well as some interesting new feature ideas.

So in short, we’d love to hear from you – email us on hello (a) and let’s have a chat.

Our current site traffic (as at December 2014) is:

– 12,000 unique visitors a month with between 700 and 1600 visits per day.

– More than 60,000 page impressions a month and 200,000 hits.

– Additionally, we have 1000+ email subscribers, 4000 Facebook followers and a growing Instagram following.