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About us

Natalie Smith and I started Eat Here Now in 2010 after years of being asked by friends and colleagues where to eat in Auckland. We could see there was a deep need for a new kind of restaurant review: an online guide that gives it to you straight, with no fuss or faff. Since then, it’s become one of the most credible food resources in the city.

From the beginning, reviews on EHN didn’t tell you what the weather was like the night we visited and we’ve never given our dining partners nicknames. That doesn’t help you decide where to take your Mum for lunch when she’s in town for a few days. And from the beginning, there was no advertorial – we don’t tell people we’re coming, we often visit several times and we pay for everything. And you won’t find unreliable user-driven reviews – there’s enough of that already, though we do love to hear from readers in our comments section. And crucially, we don’t think you need to read yet another biting review of a hapless restaurant – that’s self-serving, so we only publish reviews of places we really like or think you should know about. That’s not to say these are slavishly positive reviews: if we see faults, we’ll call ’em.

Things have changed a little around Eat Here Now since 2010 – at the end of 2012, Natalie Smith left for London, and we’re now in the process of taking on other reviewers who think the same as we do in other cities. What hasn’t changed is a commitment to authoritative reviews and beautiful photography from David Straight, who we have been lucky enough to work with from the beginning.

Want to get in touch? Got somewhere you think we absolutely must know about? We’d love to hear from you. Email us on hello (a) or find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.