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Coco’s Cantina, by David Straight

Six and a bit years ago, we started a website to review restaurants like we thought they should be reviewed. We started with Ella Cafe, which later turned into Orphans Kitchen – which we reviewed too – and carried on. We got David Straight – now one of the country’s best young architectural photographers – to take photos and we reviewed back-alley dumpling bars in the same way as fine diners and we ran supper clubs in houses, art galleries and restaurants.

It’s been a huge amount of fun and we think we’ve had something valuable to say. Now, the various contributors of EHN have gone on to many other projects, and it’s time for a break. We’ll be back one day: see you then. SFG

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  1. Sean wrote:

    Hey EHN crew, just wanted to say thanks for all the great information and guidance over the years. The reviews have been interesting, educated, informative and fair, the photography brilliant, and I just loved the concept as a whole. Reviewing high-end spaces alongside RSAs and asian food court places was such a refreshing approach, and your insistence on not reviewing anything you really didn’t like made things pleasant. It’s a shame you’re going and I will miss you terribly. Thank you!

    Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 11:58 am | Permalink

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