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Photographs: David Straight

Mumbai Chaat is spotlessly clean and brightly lit: it is bright orange on the outside and yellow on the inside with one big long line of tables down one side. There is a lot of Formica and a television on the wall streaming – what else – Bollywood movies.

You are here for some of the best Mumbai and Gujarati food in Auckland – it’s vegetarian street food, essentially, and designed to be snacked on while sitting about talking. The flavours are light and clean, and the curries are gently spiced and everything is fresh that day. There’s a whiteboard telling you what’s on special below the PLEASE ORDER HERE sign, though we don’t usually pay much attention because it’s all good – vegetarian, and best shared in a thali with a curry or two, papadam, rice or pulao, salad and pickles.

That leaves you with room for chaat, including the pav bhaji – a vegetable curry with a soft roll – and the masala dosa, its pastry light and crispy, the potatoes fluffy and gently spiced. The dahi puri are delicately crunchy and sour from the tamarind: brilliant, in other words. SFG

HOURS Lunch and dinner, seven days.

ADDRESS 1A Kitchener Road, Sandringham, ph 846 9393.

IMPORTANT DETAILS If you don’t know what you want, ask the staff. They’re helpful.

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