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You came from as far afield as Flat Bush and Birkdale and Henderson Valley and we’re very glad you did.

At Masu by Nic Watt last night, we ate some of the finest Japanese food we’ve yet tasted, with accompanying sakes – there was a dish of cold soba with a beautiful crab stock and little flaked pieces of crab, and a dish of foraged herbs with a yuzu dressing and tiny little radishes, slightly bitter and beautiful on the plate. There was rabbit – rabbit! – two ways and salmon three ways including one with charred kombu, the flavours interplaying and receding, refined and delicate and yet strong. The sakes were alternately dry and sweet and one was even funky in the way that a reductive wine is. They went beautifully with the food.

In short, we loved our dinner at Masu. Thank you to everyone who came and thank you to Meg Abbott-Walker for looking after us.


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