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Photographs: David Straight

Morven Mcauley is the irrepressible sales and marketing manager for Antipodes Water: she used to work for Negociants NZ. She knows about food and booze and she is funny and enthusiastic and she once shouted us the most enormous platter of sashimi at Cocoro, for which we are eternally grateful. She also sells some very, very nice water.

Antipodes water “It goes without saying.”

Almonds. “They’re my saving grace when I get home and it’s late and I’m hungry. The almonds are what I eat while I try to work out what to cook.” Morven keeps them in the fridge to preserve all their natural oils.

She has a weakness for proper Greek haloumi. “Whenever there is haloumi on the menu I don’t see the rest of the menu. A couple of pieces of haloumi and some tomatoes and a dinner you have.”

It’s either Ceres or Pics peanut butter – it used to be Eta (crunchy, naturally). “Then I read some fairly hairy ingredients – I’m just trying to reduce preservatives. The more natural ingredients the better.”

Gonzalez Byass Sherry Vinegar. “It’s absolutely divine.” There’s also usually a bottle of Tio Pepe sherry “for consumption and cooking.” Morven recommends frying prawns with butter and garlic, and then adding sherry and – what else – haloumi.

The day we visited, there was a bottle of Huia Pinot Gris in the fridge. “They’re organic and they don’t do too much mucking around,” she says of Huia. “Their whole range is in a dry, old-world style. If you want wine with food, then it’s perfect.”

Morven eats quinoa three or four times a week instead of rice or pasta. “Pasta is for dining out when I can get it made by someone who really knows what they’re doing.”




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