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Photograph: Matt Choi

Crane Brothers has sponsored Eat Here Now for a little over two years now, a partnership that was resolved over a plate of oysters. Murray Crane makes beautiful suits, but he also really likes food – and more importantly, he knows his stuff. So when he went to Paris on one of his annual trips recently, we asked him to write about his favourite places to eat. It’s a very fine list, as you’d expect.

It is actually really hard to find great bistro food in Paris and when I’m travelling in winter comfort food is always a must. This is a classic French bistro – set menu, all the classics covered: snails, pigeon, brûlée and a good wine list. 9 Rue de l’Éperon, St Germain des Prés, ph +33 1 44 41 00 09

La Duree
Macarons, pastry and chocolate. There is something about that ganache. Only the French would have the audacity to call it a boutique but they are treasures, easily as beautiful as a pair of Louboutin shoes or a Dior dress at a fraction of the price. Stores across Paris.

I always start conjuring up ways to smuggle whenever I visit the food markets in Paris. Seafood, cheese and charcuterie, all sold by surly locals. There is a good one on Rue de Buci in St Germain des Prés, but most neighourhoods have them. Tuesday to Sunday; stands close for lunch.

Boucherie Roulière
As the name suggests, meat is king here. Operated by a fifth-generation butcher, the menu includes rich marrow bone, veal kidney, salers beef and sea bass. Vegetarian Unfriendly. 24 Rue des Canettes, St Germain des Prés, ph +33 1 43 26 25 70 

Les Deux Magots
Old-school French. Bourgeois, overpriced and average: the food tastes better because of the people watching. Play it safe.

Cult hamburgers. Try everything: it’s all good, especially the Cheesy and the Signature, not to mention French fries and coleslaw. Like a lot of Parisians, great buns.

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