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[Image via Diner Journal, by Grant Cornett]
The latest issue of David Chang (Momofuku) and Dave Eggers (McSweeney’s) has landed at Magnation. It’s all about ‘the sweet spot’. Ponsonby’s late night takeaway joint Nina’s is getting a makeover. On March 1 it will re-open as Bird on a Wire, serving up organic rotisserie chicken and salads.We like the sound of the ‘Posh Cock’, a tarragon, truffle and butter basted bird. Rumour has it that Jamie Oliver is opening a branch of his restaurant Jamie Oliver Italian in Wellington, at least according to the Dominion Post he is. New Britomart restaurant Mexico is going great guns, we’ve eaten there and it’s good, but best of luck getting a table, it’s completely rammed every night. If you do manage to get in, the Tamarind Margarita and fresh fish tacos get our vote. You can now follow us on Twitter for regular updates and images. We’re also on Facebook. Kokako opened a light, airy and beautiful cafe few weeks ago on the corner of Great North Road and Williamson Avenue, with an entirely vegetarian menu and good smoothies. The coffee, roasted in-house is delicious; the cornbread we were served with our baked eggs, not so much. Really wish they’d open on a Sunday, too. Perhaps it will happen in time?
1. Auckland chefs paying decent attention to all the really great Chinese food in this city. Remarkable lapse really – we have upmarket Thai and Japanese but not Chinese.
2. Another fine diner. We know they’re hard to make money out of but they are special.
3. More restaurants to tell you where your food came from, how it was farmed and how it was caught.
4. Quirkiness. Slick and polished and designed is all very fabulous, but homespun is too and Auckland does it well.
5. Craft beer in every restaurant. Out with the green-bottled lager!
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  1. Genie wrote:

    Is organic chicken the same as freerange? I’ve been thinking that someone should open up a freerange chicken joint in Auckland. Scoop up all those that are grossed out by KFC but would still like to gorge on a cooked chicken.

    Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 4:57 pm | Permalink
  2. Carole wrote:

    Great blog. I am also from New Zealand and blog on restaurants amongst other things. You might be interested in this post about Tyler St Garage Eatery and Bar
    . Will enjoy following your blog.

    Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 2:30 pm | Permalink

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