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[Pictures: David Straight]

God, Epolito’s is good. If you can be bothered driving out to One Tree Hill. Do bother. The pizzas are huge, ginormous even. Almost impossible to finish between three. The best one, in our opinion, is the artichoke, lemon (real lemon, in slices) and parmesan one. They call it the Eastside. We add jalapenos for a bit of zing. But that’s just us. The menu has the classics (pepperoni, sausage, meatball, plain cheese) and then a gourmet section. Pizzas range in price from $14 for a small, 12″ cheese to $40 for the large, 18″ The Godfather.

There are no frills – paper napkins, wooden tables, plastic cups for your fizzy drinks – but the music’s exceptional – rockabilly sandwiched with hip-hop, followed by soul. Chicklena Rose has been making pizza since she was 13, first in New York, then here, and you can taste it in the dough. Thin crust, tastes real. Like proper flour and good, fresh yeast. This is a good feeling, squeeze in, have fun kind of place, and we really like it.

HOURS Tuesday to Saturday, from 5pm.

ADDRESS Corner Rawhiti Rd & Oranga Ave, One Tree Hill, ph 589-1999.

IMPORTANT DETAILS Unlicensed. One big table, one little one.

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